Leigh Duncan

Leigh Duncan

Leigh Duncan is a senior at Mccracken. Since kindergarten, she has been a dedicated reader and writer- she would often write ‘songs’ for her teacher and the secretaries at Grand Rivers Elementary. Today, she enjoys spoken word poetry and writing works of fiction, as well as voicing her opinion. She also loves photography and memes. She is the oldest of three children and has a brother and sister, who are named Garrett and Wendy (twelve and six years old, respectively). She considers them her prime motivation in life. Her dream is to work as a photojournalist/ writer for a major publication.

“My view on life is that it’s is exactly what you make it- it is yours alone. People say children are a gift to their parents, but that’s not true- life is a gift to you. Value it, treasure it, hold onto it like there’s no tomorrow. Most importantly, succeed in it, as you define success. Like I said: life is what you make it. Make it beautiful. That’s my two-cents.”

If you like what you’ve read from Leigh, look at blog here: leighspillsink.wordpress.com